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Dear JEFer,
We would love you to fully experience our country right before the JEF Europe Congress in Madrid! For that reason, JEF Cataluña, JEF Castilla La Mancha and JEF Madrid have come up with pre-programs in Barcelona, Toledo and Madrid for you to discover these cities while debating the future of Europe, getting to know other JEFers from across Europe and getting the most out of the full Congress experience 😎💚
- Barcelona : From Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th November, members of JEF will have the opportunity to participate in the seminar "Europe and Democracy: What Future Should We Shape?". This forum is embedded inside the activities that take place in Barcelona during this year, in which the city will be the first ever European Capital of Democracy. Social events will also take place after the seminar activities every day. JEF participants will travel to Madrid on Friday, 10th November in the morning, in order to participate in the European Congress. Delegates and FC members will be able to travel Thursday afternoon, prior notification to the organisation.
- Toledo: From 8th November to 10th November, you will discover an amazing city near Madrid, Toledo! This medieval jewel hosted the three main cultures of our country: Jewish, Muslim and Christian. Taking this background into consideration, we will debate and discover the new horizons that European citizens will face in the future. Workshops will be mixed with cultural activities which will make you feel welcomed to the region and history.
- Madrid: We will prepare some social activities on Thursday 9th November for those JEFers arriving earlier and eager to discover Madrid! Besides, we will organize a dinner with JEF Spain's and JEFers from all across Europe the night prior the congress, 9th November! 😉
Please note that you should not book any flight tickets before you get a confirmation from our side for your participation in the Barcelona or Toledo pre-program.

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JEF Europe's Code of Conduct will be implemented at all moments during the pre-programs and the Congress.

JEF Europe's Code of Conduct will be implemented at all moments during the pre-programs and the Congress.